Clinic management software


G Square EMR is Clinic management software which will modernize doctor’s practice G square EMR is windows based clinic management software suitable for any specialty doctor; it enables to manage their clinics activities efficiently. The software is designed to cater requirements of single doctor clinic to multi doctor clinic

The aspiration of using G square EMR includes patient registration, appointment management, e-prescription with preference for editing prescriptions, billing, reporting summaries, certificates, letters, etc done electronically with this doctor can concentrate more on diagnosis and look up more patients per day.

The challenge of reading handwritten prescriptions can be eliminated with G square EMR. Scanning functions allows patient report to be scanned easily for future reference.

Doctors can use this software without any interruption in their daily consultation. G Square EMR focuses on capturing patient information faster. Patient consultation history and patient files can be maintain in a very simplified manner. Patient details can be retrieved based on various user defined parameters, in case of emergency if a patient seeks consultation by phone; doctors can easily retrieve the patient details.

Screen shots of EMR

EMR pricing

Single Doctor
28,000 Rs
Single Doctor + Staff
35,000 Rs
Additional Doctor
5000 Rs
Additional Modifications

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